Eleanor Cowan, B.A., B.Ed., Teacher and Workshop Leader, visits groups to encourage discussion about recovery from sexual/mental abuse, coaches and encourages writers of difficult stories, and answers questions about her own entry into an adult world where tears and laughter co-exist.

"I am the first woman in the history of my family to get the chance to even consider her own story. And I am the first to write it."
-Eleanor Cowan (2013)


This is the real truth about religion, child abuse, misogyny, and patriarchy. It is undeniably true because Cowan gives us the unflinching details. It IS all in the details, you know.... If you want to understand the cycle of abuse through generations, read this book. I can't recommend it highly enough.

CARLENE M. WENTWORTH, Ph.D., Licenced Professional Counselor, South Carolina, USA

Eleanor Cowan's story is grippingly honest as it explores the impact of organized religion on the conspiracy of silence that often shrouds abuse and dysfunction....a must-read for anyone who has experienced the systemic and endemic tyranny of the patriarchy--that would be all of us! Thank you, Eleanor, for your vulnerability and sharing. We are richly fortunate for your risk-taking transparency that shatters the silence. 

Cowan beckoned me to become the person that I truly want to be rather than a martyr for institutional misconceptions. Reading this book made me understand dimensions of the Christian world I never knew existed and why it is that so many have shunned the church with such vigor. I read the book in two days and couldn't put it down.

KELLY L. HOWARTH, M. Ed., PPCC, Certified Personal & Professional Coach

Quebec, Canada


Canadian Teacher, Quebec, Canada



A young girl is early groomed by the Roman Catholic religion to fall prey to a pedophile. Only time stood between herself, her marriage to a pedophile and the abuse of the next generation.
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Born in 1948, the same year women first voted in Quebec,

I began my life odyssey with a lovely home, good food, some affection, and soon, the company of nine siblings.

These are the details I relied upon, not the nights of sexual abuse, the constant criticism by my mother, nor the religious oppression in our strict family.

With my mother's increasing alcoholism and my father's chronic absence (and early death), life slid downhill fast. I became a devout Catholic, an anxious people pleaser - and a complete stranger to myself. Three drug-rapes into my 20's, I decided to erase the past, turn a brand new page, get married and have a wonderful family – and promptly married a pedophile who molested our children.


I've worked very, very hard to become a conscious and awake woman - and to remain aware too. My memoir details my process and I thank you for your interest in it.


Eleanor Cowan, B.A. B.Ed., Author of A History of a Pedophile's Wife: Memoir of a Canadia Teacher and Writer, is a Speaker and Workshop Leader.


She welcomes opportunities to:

  • Public speak and answer questions about her memoir

  • Encourage group discussions

  • Animate interactive workshops about recovery from sexual and mental abuse

  • Coach and encourage writers of difficult stories 

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